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Restoring roof isn’t just about enhancing its outer appearance to make it look pretty. It needs a professional to protect it from outer elements. A sound roof adds value to your property while adding to its aesthetics.

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Well, roof being the part that stands between the interior of your house and the outer world, you can’t take chance by hiring some amateurs. You need to get it done from an experienced and local professional, whom you can trust. At Sydney Solar, we believe in providing the highest quality work and meeting our customer’s expectations. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we have the best professionals in the industry to deliver you the finest work.

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Why to choose Sydney Solar as your roofing experts?

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Some popular Australian roof restoration types available!

You can choose the best suited material for your home or you can call us at 1300 694 917 for expert advice.

Concrete Roofing

These tiles are known for strength and logevity. They are made up of water,sand and cement. They also keep the house cool and are resistant to fire, best for Australian weather. They are bit costly and installation is also difficult considering the weight.

Terracotta Roofing

These tiles also lasts for many years (approximately 50 years). Being made of clay, they keep the house cool or warm depending upon the season and are resistant to fire.The only con is they get broken easily when hit by a solid surface.

Steel Roofing

These are often made of recyclable material and are considered suitable for harsh environments. The thing you need to consider before choosing these tiles is -they can be noisy when rain falls on them. They are quite strong but can dent when a heavy material falls on them.

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